We value alumni and would love to hear more about you, perhaps you have a unique story to tell. There are lots of ways you can engage with the Hall here are a few examples.

Join the alumni mentor program

By signing up for this program you have the chance to relive your time at the Hall and impart some wisdom on the student mentee. Perhaps you can connect them with someone in the business world, introduce them to a researcher in the field, give them their first opportunity at a research position within your area. Mentoring is a way to help a current resident to transition from university to the their future career. you can provide networking opportunities, advice on studies and general life help. To sign up for the program you just need to register on this site. Students will search for you based on your discipline of interest.

Register for a speaker event

Are you doing something groundbreaking? Are you challenging current beliefs. Do you have an inspirational story to tell? We would love to hear from you and can host an evening with a select audience at Ursula Hall.

Use our talent pool to increase your research potential

Researching - it's what we do. Are you in charge of a large government department? Are you the CEO of an organisation looking to reach out and make stronger connections with the Australian National University? Get in touch with us to discuss how we can partner with you in a range of different ways. Email [email protected]

Sponsor our sporting merchandise

Each year the Ursula Residents Committee  (previously URA) spends a large amount of their funds on sporting equipment, uniforms, oval hire. Your company name on this equipment would look great and help our students by reducing the costs to participate in sport.

Set up a scholarship for future students

If you are able to make a difference by donating we would be very interested in hearing from you. You can set the criteria for a scholarship and be part of the process of allocating these funds.

Become part of the reunion committee for 2018

If you are visiting Canberra send me an email and we can organise a tour for you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Dave Segal

Head of Hall